Golfer giveaways

We decided to build a brand around the two things we all love the most, golf and free stuff. Winning free golf bags and gloves is awesome, and what’s even better is getting the chance to do that as many times as you want. Our mission is simple: giveaway as many golf related products as we can as often as we can.

Golfer Giveaways was started by a couple of golf addicts who spend way too much time on the course, talking about that perfect shot from two weeks ago, and practicing that new swing feel at the bar. Giving cool stuff away allows us to grow a community of people just like us. 

Our growing selection of products that go on sale during giveaways help fund bigger and better giveaways and the new styles that you see hitting the site every month. Be sure to take a look around at our past winners and check back to not miss the next giveaway that goes live!